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All forms of payment accepted including credit cards, checks, cash or money orders.


Unless otherwise noted below, all of the services include my reading the client's material and
rendering the specified service as ordered by the client.

All services based on an average screenplay length of approximately
110 pages or less in standard screenplay format.

Basic Script Analysis - $350

Up to five pages of notes plus a one-hour consultation by phone or in person.


Advanced Script Analysis - $500

Up to seven pages of notes, plus a page of bullet points, with a 90 minute consultation by phone or in person.

Partial or Incomplete Script Analysis - $650

For those with an incomplete script or project that they want to get jump-started to completion. Includes notes, personal one hour consultation and ideas for completion as per overall structure and act breaks as needed.

The First Five Pages - $150

For those unsure of which way to proceed or want advice on what they have already written, I will analyze the first five pages of your screenplay and input your chances based on that alone. Includes a 30 minute phone or in person consultation and a page of notes if called for.

Reread Screenplay within One Year
of First Analysis - $250

Either up to three pages of notes or a 45-minute phone consultation on the phone or in person. One or the other, but not both. Assumes some rewriting on the author's part in the interim period.

Outline or Treatment Review - $150

Based on a five-page treatment or outline. Up to a one-hour oral review.

Outline or Treatment Review - $225

Based on a five to ten page treatment or outline. Up to a one-hour oral review

Oral Pitch Idea Review - $75

Based on no written material. Author pitches the idea on the phone and we will discuss and analyze together before beginning writing. Thirty minutes duration.

Ghostwriting, rewriting, editing, and other
services not mentioned, fee to be discussed.
Minimum appraisal fee - $150

Minimum submission and appraisal fee.

Script Consultation Additional Hours
After Initial Consult - $150 an hour

Based on no further reading or analysis

For All Inquiries for Services

Please call, fax, or write to the postal address or e-mail all queries to the addresses and numbers posted on the web site.

For Payment

All forms of payment are accepted. In all cases, payment must be received before analysis begins. All procedural questions not clear to the client will be made clear without any charge before beginning.Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Feedback Rules and Questionaire

Standard Release Form

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