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SCRIPT DOCTOR AND GHOSTWRITER  A film magazine and source for movie news.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sponsors the Academy Awards and hosts many other functions throughout the year Done Deal provides information on selling screenplaly pitches, scripts and books. Hollywood Literary sales provides tools and tips for screenwriters. Internet Movie Database. The premier great granddaddy web site for film data, cinema stats and information. Library of Congress Copyright Office. Copyright your literary and artistic works of all kinds. Follow the directions on the site. The Screenwriters Utopia. News of upcoming events, seminars, and classes on screenwriting plus more. Writer's Guild of America. The union which represents professional screenwriters in many categories, collects dues and manages payments to writers. Industry requirements to join. Directors Guild of AmericaThe union which Represents Film Directors and many other technicians. Requirements to join are stringent. Sundance Film FestivalRobert Redford's festival which has become the Holy Grail for Independent Cinema. Toronto International Film Festival. The yearly premiere festival on the North American continent, which shows more global films in a shorter schedule than any other film festival. Austin Film Festival. A rising festival hosts independent films and mainstream alike. IFP Independent Feature Project. Supports independent cinema in many ways through screenings, seminars and events. The Hollywood Reporter is the other Variety. Variety The Daily and weekly newspaper for entertainment industry news. Screen Actors Guild. The union which represents Actors.  Chronicles the desperate moment when TV shows begin to slide downhill.  Production Drawings, Storyboards, Comps and Comics, Event Renderings, Set Designs and Illustrations. Rotten Tomatoes One keystroke to multiple film reviews from many publications and sources. Ebert and Roeper. Although no longer on the air with their longstanding TV show, you can review their many past film reviews, DVD releases, and other cinema tidbits. Harry Knowles is an influential outlaw movie fanatic and maverick movie reviewer now courted by Hollywood Studios for his opinion.

No list of links can positively be definitive. The Internet offerings change hourly and the challenge is to stay current.

Type in all the usual suspect terms into your search engine and you will find an overdose of movie related material.

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