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By Vernon Zimmerman


“When you catch an adjective, kill it.” —Mark Twain

In present day society everybody sues everybody for everything and no less so than in Hollywood.

Before I can do a story analysis for you, please sign and return the standard release form provided on this site for your protection and mine.

You can send me a hard copy of the script to the PO Box address provided. Otherwise, send your material to me as an email attachment.

Nowadays, those who read scripts professionally will accept online submissions including most agents and agencies and production companies.

Your hard copy script will not be returned. It will be kept for one year in case you want to order a follow up analysis after which it will be shredded and destroyed.

If you prefer to send your material by e mail attachment or post it online for my private access that is okay, it’s up to you.

Send a check for the service ordered made out to Vernon Zimmerman along with the written material to be analyzed or pay by PAY PAL on the website. Cash or a Bank or US Postal money order in US dollars is also accepted.

A note about thievery. Many ideas are similar in nature and many writers write on the same topic. They have not stolen anything from anybody but merely thought of a similar idea at the same time.

This happens frequently and is not to be fretted about. It's the way it is so get used to it.

Besides that, serious writers are too busy writing their own stuff and are not the least bit interested in stealing from you.


“An honest tale speeds best being plainly told.” —William Shakespeare

Script Doctor Feedback Questionnaire

Do you want feedback at what level?

Mild, Medium or Hot?

This is a serious question.

Be honest with yourself. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

If you check "HOT" expecting mercy, forget it. You'll get it between the eyes and you may not be able to hack it. Better to be honest and prudent.

If you are overly sensitive, prone to weeping at Disney movies and hate to see animals hurt, avoid category HOT.

If you like Bogart movies, Jack Elam's sneer, can watch Rio Bravo repeatedly and approve of the storytelling in "LA Confidential" and "The Shawshank Redemption", check MEDIUM.

A well-balanced level of feedback at a high standard that won't give you indigestion or a heart attack.

MILD. If you can watch "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" without throwing up and think the Three Stooges are too silly to be funny, check MILD.

Mild does not mean milquetoast, it merely faces facts. Take it once step at a time. You can always repeat the analysis at a hotter level for only $250 more.

Question is: Why not go for HOT no matter what?

Because it may be too discouraging and turn you off writing forever. That's not my goal. I want you to succeed. Be prudent with your own sensibilities. Be kind to yourself not beat yourself up. Art is about coddling and support not brutality and killing spirits.

If undecided, better to spend $75 for a 1/2-hour consultation with me and I will council you on the right choice before you spend your money.

Fair enough?

Call, write or e-mail so we can discuss it.

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